5 reasons why more women should take up solo-travelling: busting the myth and taking off to navigate the world

5 reasons why more women should take up solo-travelling: busting the myth and taking off to navigate the world

1. How often have you had to compromise on your long-awaited trip to accommodate your husband, family and friends?

From changes in dates to itinerary to even calling off the entire journey, leaning on someone may not be the best idea when it comes to accomplishing something treasured, such as a dream since childhood to traverse across the globe. Go and come to fit your comfort, without having to worry about food poisoning the children or spare the tantrums thrown in by your loved one for not getting enough sleep in the train.

2. Challenging, in a good way

Traveling is a liberating experience not confined to women alone but to all people regardless of their age and gender. You are yanked out of your comfort zone to explore, learn and reflect. They say, to take back memories and leave behind only footprints, can’t disagree more. Take back home the independent you in the process, who is fearless to walk the streets unknown to her, dares the tide to roll over and swallow, calls out to the mountain that she is ready to conquer.

3. It’s time to stop taking friends on every trip, how about making new friends on the go?

A lot of people laugh at the idea of travelling solo, thinking you are going to be alone for the most part of the trip. This is not true. Staying in dorm rooms is a great way to meet and greet ladies who have set off to travel and explore from different countries and culture just like you have. People find you more approachable and it easier to strike up a conversation when not in the company of close ones. There is a lot in common to talk about, from the places you have been to recollecting the unforgettable experiences, nights are definitely going to be longer if it resonates. It’s up to you to decide whether or not to say yes to holding hands and giggling your way through the rest of the journey

4. The bonus dessert!

A journey gets more luxurious as you cut down the number of people involved in it. Who wouldn’t be tempted to upgrade their train tickets to flight tickets at the cost of leaving husband and children at home?  Take that extra scoop of dessert at dinner, hop onto take double the rides than you normally would at the adventure park, treat yourself with a spa or massage, and above all, take full advantage of the discounts and coupons that are meant exclusively for solo travelers at the hotels and restaurants.

5. The true journey begins when u discover yourself

Wrapped up in our silly lives, more often than not, we are clouded by everything else, but ourselves. Women tend to demote their priorities to make room for people who they care about,  often perceiving it a sin to give into their pleasures for once in a while. Digging deep into this matter, we will be surprised to see that more than guilt, the fear of going back to our past holds us back from unleashing ourselves since we don’t believe we might actually like what we see. The longer you hold onto denial, the bitter and fraught it is going to be, only to come to grips with the fact that the person you have been waiting for so long were YOU.

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