Hi there!

I am Thasni. Wondering about my last name? Well, my mom wanted it to be ‘Zeenah’, which means beautiful in Arabic. But my father felt that I won’t do justice to the name, so now I have this privilege most people are not entitled to, I can give myself a second name. I wanted a spooky, dense name that gives people the impression that I am mysterious. People want more of ‘the mysterious’, so I am Thasni Maya now.

I live in a small town in Kerala, mostly doing house chores, playing with my son, binge-watching YouTube videos, and creating content that helps businesses boost sales. I also write blogs on random topics. I don’t like to brag that I just finished reading a 700-page book, or watched a silent, black and white, war-themed movie, but what’s the point of wasting all those hours to the extent you don’t feel your ass anymore if you can’t at least share it to the world, right? Also, I think my opinion is too valuable to keep to myself, so I am urged to jot them down.

I love traveling. My dream is to become a full-time travel writer, where they pay you for travelling, taking photos, filming videos and eating from top-notch restaurants. For now, I do it all with my money. And my mom’s. I keep convincing her that traveling feeds my inspiration, which remains the most fundamental among Maslow’s hierarchy of writer’s needs. She still falls for that 😉